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Products And Services
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Custom labels help differentiate our customers' products, and their ease of application and cost-effectiveness make them a versatile choice for a wide variety of applications. We produce pressure sensitive labels with laminates and coatings, as well as convolute and spiral wound labels. The...
Group: Labels
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Some of the world's best known brands choose Gateway Packaging to provide the lids for their products…lids that strengthen their brands, communicate quality and provide a competitive advantage in the market. Our complete in-house graphic design and production team can create a custom lid to meet...
Group: Packing material
Preformed Pouches
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Preformed pouches offer distinctive benefits to your products. The variety of styles and sizes we offer make it easy to match the right pouch to your needs—with factors such as cost, construction, shelf presence and capacity all taken into consideration. There are a wide variety of choices to...
Group: Packages for packaging
Rollstock / Lamination Packaging
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Let us help you customize your packaging to meet the needs of your industry and equipment. Choose from a wide variety of substrates, printed or un-printed, with multi-layer lamination and printing executed to the highest standard in the industry-our own. Rollstock substrates include: Coated paper...
Group: Laminated packaging
Pasted Valve (PVSE) Bag
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Using flat tubes, both ends of the bag are folded and glued to create a rectangular satchel style bottom. A valve is one corner of the bag allows the bag to be filled with your equipment. A wide variety of valve styles are available to suit your packaging needs. Tuck-in, self-sealing, ultra sonic...
Group: Paper packaging
Mitered Bottom Open Mouth Pinch (MBOMP) bags
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Mitered Bottom Open Mouth Pinch (MBOMP) bags create a "flat bottom" bag resulting in more stable positioning on the filling conveyor, improved footprint on the pallet, and a larger display panel on the shelf. Heat sealing can be added for superior protection against infestation, moisture...
Group: Paper bags
Self-Opening Square (SOS)
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Made from gusseted tubes, with this bag style the bottom is folded to form a rectangular display panel end and pasted shut. The bag opens easily and can stand upright on its bottom; and after filling, the top can be sealed by gluing, taping, tying or sewing.
Group: Full-color paper packages
Sewn Open Mouth (SOM) Bag
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Representing the most inexpensive bag to make and use, this variety can be constructed from either gusseted or flat tubes which are cut to bag length and sewn shut across one end. Paper tape is folded over the bag end and sewn to the bag as the end is closed. After filling, the open end is closed...
Group: Full-color paper packages
Pinch Bottom Open Mouth (PBOM)
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These bags are made with stepped end, gusseted or flat tubes; and are the strongest bag closure available. After being filled in the packaging plant, the bag is closed on a pinch bottom field closer which reactivates the hot melt, folds the top to seal and completes the bag closure. Heat sealing...
Group: Paper bags


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